the headwear

In the world of ‘Eleanor Marguerite Original’ we believe in beauty and elegance, and communicating thoughts and dreams in a visual way that brings pleasure to the wearer and delight to the observer.


One of the most unique things about our special offering is that each and every piece is named, packaged by hand, and presented with its very own and personally written verse. Nothing is mass produced and every piece has a story, a vision, and a life of it's own, often matched specifically to it's owner.

The collection of unique and once only ever made headpieces combines freedom of design, attention to detail, fabrication and cut, making it the ultimate in ‘Luxury Headwear’ for all occasions.


It is such a pleasure when we are asked to design & create that special keepsake piece for the Bride, Bridesmaids, Debutante, and flower girl  to the Cocktail Event or After Five occasion. We also specialize in ‘make to match’ headwear, for events such as Spring Racing.